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We are proud to introduce Diamonds in the Rough Youth and Family Services, Inc. (DIR) DIR is community based organization in the heart of Richmond, Virginia.  We serve, with great humility, one of the most important segments of our society people with disabilities. Our vision is that we all see people with disabilities for their ability and not for their impairment. For fifteen years, we have worked with, learned from, and advocated for our clients.

Our highly trained and experienced staff specializes in helping our clients feel good about who they are.  In addition, they are given the support and encouragement to set and achieve both their personal and professional goals. DIR strives to be the premiere community based agency in Virginia. Our program was created to enhance the lives of all individuals. It promotes tolerance, equality, and helps to protect the human rights of individuals with disabilities. DIR is very committed to building stronger families, a stronger workforce, and a stronger community.  It is our goal to work together and to fully serve those that take advantage of our very important program.  For additional information or if you are interested in making a donation contact us at (804) 213-0140. Thanks in advance for your support!