Services Provided
♦ Crisis Treatment
♦ Individual and Family Counseling
♦ Training to enhance effective communication skills
♦ Assist parents to understand and practice appropriate   
   problem-solving techniques
♦ Anger Management and Interpersonal Interaction
♦ Service Coordination
♦ 24-Hour Emergency Response

Who May Qualify for Service
♦ Must be under 21 years old
♦ Transitioning from residential or psychiatric
   facility, group home, detention center, between
   foster care or adoptive families; mental health case
   management; crisis intervention; crisis
   stabilization; outpatient psychotherapy; or
   outpatient substance abuse services within the
   past 30 days.
♦ Youth displaying significantly inappropriate social
    behavior at home, school, and in the community
    that may result in personal danger.
♦ Youth displaying behaviors that may result in out
    of home placement, incarceration, or
♦  History of unsuccessful services (either crisis
    intervention; crisis stabilization; outpatient
    psychotherapy; outpatient substance abuse
    services; or mental health skill building) within
    past 30 days.

Our Intensive In-Home Program is committed to family health and healing.  This is fostered by our compassionate, highly qualified, and trained therapeutic counselors.  We assist in restoring order, re-establishing the family bond and eliminating and/or minimizing the negative effects of each family’s unique situation.