Services Provided:

 ♦  Assistance with Housing/Shelter
 ♦  Strengthening Family Health and Relationships
 ♦  Nutrition, Health, and Wellness
 ♦  Symptom Management Techniques
 ♦  Assistance with Locating Community Resources
 ♦  Building Life Skills for Independent Living Training
 ♦  Linking to Substance Abuse Groups
 ♦  Linking to Parenting  Support Groups
 ♦  24-Hour Emergency Response Line
 ♦  Medication Management Skills


Services are covered by Virginia Medicaid Insurance

Must meet eligibility criteria

“Invest in the Human Soul. Who knows, it Might be a Diamond in the Rough”
                                                                                 -Mary McLeod Bethune




Who May Qualify for Service:

♦  Individuals with qualifying mental health

    diagnosis (psychotic disorder, major

    depressive disorder recurrent or bipolar

    disorder I or II).
♦  Individuals must demonstrate a clinical need

    for the service arising from a condition due

    to mental, behavioral, or emotional illness

    that results in significant functional

    impairments in major life activities.
♦  Individuals must have a need for

    individualized training.
♦  Individuals must have a prior history of  

    qualifying mental health treatment (PACT or

    ICT services, psychiatric hospitalization,

    residential treatment, residential crisis

    stabilization, RTC-Level C placement, or

    TDO evaluation due to mental health de-


♦  Medication within twelve months prior to

    the assessment date unless physician

    documents that such medication is

    medically contraindicated.


Our Community Based Mental Health Skill-Building serves adolescents and adults. We assist our consumers in  regaining control of their lives and developing the ability to successfully  live with their impairments.  We will work side by side with our consumers to insure the highest level of independence and social stability. We provide knowledge of community based resources, mental health, life planning and techniques for achieving the goals of our consumers.